Sarah Sanders shreds media: ‘I’ve never seen people so happy to destroy a kid’s life’

In a shocking display of rage and bias, the liberal media hastily and furiously condemned a group of Catholic schoolboys over a misleading four-minute viral video, unleashing an online lynch mob against the boys. But as more comprehensive video evidence came to light, quite a different story emerged.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders had strong words for those who smeared the Covington Catholic teens, telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday that she’s “never seen people so happy to destroy a kid’s life.”

“Fake news” label

Referring to BuzzFeed News’ anti-Trump “bombshell” report from the previous week that ended up being a major dud, Hannity asked Sanders if she thought the mainstream media has now permanently earned the “fake news” label.

“We hope fake news doesn’t become the forever brand of the news media because it’s not good for the country, as the president said. He’d love for people to report things accurately,” Sanders replied.

“I think what happened with BuzzFeed is a great lesson for the media,” she continued. “Quit trying to be first and start trying to be right. We’ve seen time and time again where they run out there with these outrageous, ridiculous stories. One person reports it to begin with and then they all jump on it.”

“Happy to destroy a kid’s life”

“We saw it again with the Covington students. I’ve never seen people so happy to destroy a kid’s life,” Sanders said. “When that becomes the norm in the media in America — simply because they’re associated with this president — that is disgraceful and that should never have happened.”

“Let’s hope that this is a lesson to all of the media, to everyone. Let’s focus on getting things right, not getting them first,” she added.

Watch below:

“Disgraceful” media coverage

The actions of the media toward the Covington Catholic boys — especially the MAGA hat-wearing boy at the center of the initial viral clip — were indeed despicable and “disgraceful” and “should never have happened.”

The frenzy helped fuel an online hate mob that went after the boys and their families and the school as a whole, threatening them with violence and death, exposing their private information online, and attempting to ruin their future lives and careers, along with their parents.

After the larger story came to light, some media outlets and pundits deleted posts, walked back their initial reports and even apologized — albeit under threat of libel lawsuits. But far too many simply doubled down.

Regardless, the damage had already been done, both to the lives of the students and the credibility of the media.

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CNN, the New York Times, and the rest of the liberal media feel righteously offended whenever President Donald Trump refers to them as “fake news.” But every time they use their platform to spread hastily-reported or biased stories, the “fake news” and “enemy of the people” labels seem increasingly fitting.

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