Sarah Sanders reminds Jim Acosta of his ‘Best Week Ever’ question for Obama

Upset that he wasn’t called on at Tuesday’s White House press event, CNN’s Jim Acosta went on air to criticize another reporter’s line of questioning — as though he has never served up a “softball” himself when given the chance to question a president.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has had enough of Acosta’s entitled attitude, and decided to remind him about the softball he served up to then-President Barack Obama. She captioned it “Dear Diary” — a reference to Acosta’s comically diary-style tweets. Watch below:

Reporters Going Political

Believe it or not, there was a time in this country when journalists actually reported the news, regardless of their political affiliation.

No twisting, no omitting facts, no spinning, and no stories without actual verified sources.

Reports today, however, have gone from reporting the news to creating political theater.

The Real Acosta

Jim Acosta gets on TV and constantly plays the part of the martyr.

He refuses to accept his own role in how he is being treated by this administration.

If you watched that video clip above, you saw the difference in how Acosta treated Obama and how he treats Trump.

Acosta seems to think being rude, entitled, and disrespectful is only a one-way street.

We have seen him buy into fake news stories, treat Sarah Sanders disrespectfully, and lay hands on an intern, yet he wants to know why Trump won’t call on him.

Nobody is asking journalists from mainstream media to treat Trump with kid gloves, just that he be questioned fairly and, dare we say, professionally.

If there is positive news, cover it as such, and don’t find a way to put a negative spin on it simply because he is a Republican.

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