Sarah Sanders frustrates media by suddenly shutting down press briefing

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has been taking a lot of heat for not holding more press briefings.

On Monday, Sanders pacified the White House press corps with a briefing, then drew their ire by shutting it down when members of the press continued to ask her the same question over and over again. Watch below:

Stop Asking the Same Question

It is very easy to understand and empathize with Sanders’ frustration.

The media asks her a question, she answers, then they continue to ask the same question over and over in the hopes she will change her answer.

If that is what they are going to do, what is the point of staying on the dais to take questions?

This time, the hot questions were all about the allegations made by Michael Cohen against the president during his testimony last week.

Campaign Finance Violation or Not?

Democrats are contending that the Stormy Daniels payment constitutes a campaign finance violation.

Trump disputes their account, as he has from day one.

The entire matter is currently in the courts, so there really is not much more to say about it until the case is heard in front of a judge.

Sanders was merely following proper protocol on a pending legal matter by refusing to make statements about a case of which she is not a part.

The fact the media expects her to say anything different than has already been said or to speculate is ridiculous.

Once again, the media has proven incapable of treating Sanders with respect and she is very much justified in ending the press conference without further questions.

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