Sarah Sanders faces social media backlash after saying MLK ‘gave his life’

The left is once again creating a negative where there need not be one.

After Press Secretary Sarah Sanders sent out a tweet to honor MLK by stating he “gave his life to right the wrong of racial inequality,” she has been absolutely ripped by liberals on social media.

Every Little Thing

Sanders did nothing wrong here, let’s get that straight.

She used a term that is often used when a police officer is slain or when a soldier is killed in battle.

Officer Smith “gave his life” to do what he loved, protecting the people of this city.

Sgt. Smith “gave his life” to protect our freedom.

Why is there nothing wrong with those phrases but there is sudden outrage with Sanders using the same phrasing to describe MLK?

It’s Just About Negativity

Liberals today are looking for something wrong in everything anyone from this administration does or says.

MLK was a civil rights and social justice warrior, nobody would doubt that.

There is little doubt that is the person Sanders was describing in her tweet.

Rather than continue to celebrate the man, liberals turn it into a racist attack against Sanders.

The relatives of Martin Luther King, Jr. have come out against the extreme bias against this president since the election.

It sickens them to see MLK disrespected and used as the mantelpiece for their extreme views.

There is little doubt in my mind that if MLK were alive today, the attacks against Sanders would sicken him.

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Honestly, the extreme partisanship today is exactly the kind of behavior MLK was fighting against when he was alive.

Liberals need to understand racism and hate is racism and hate, even when you are on the left side of the aisle.

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