Sarah Sanders calls out double standard for liars on the left after Roger Stone arrest

Longtime Trump aide and friend Roger Stone was arrested at on his Florida home on Friday in a pre-dawn raid that was conducted by a SWAT team in conjunction with the FBI and documented by a CNN crew. But despite the heavy-handed manner in which he was arrested, Stone was charged with seven counts of mere process crimes, including obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and five counts of lying to Congress — all charges that many other former government officials have seemingly gotten away with.

That fact wasn’t missed by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who called out the double standard in a combative Friday morning interview with CNN.

Take a look:

Double standards

Sanders began her Friday interview by sharing her first reactions to Stone’s abrupt arrest.

“My first reaction is real simple: This has nothing to do with the president and certainly nothing to do with the White House,” Sanders asserted. “This is something that has solely to do with that individual and is not something that affects us here in this building.”

The CNN host pressed on the connection between Stone and Trump, but Sanders argued that Stone has numerous connections with top-ranking officials, and added that the indictment was over false statements — not the president.

“I think the bigger question is: If this is the standard, will the same standard apply to people like Hillary Clinton, James Comey and [James] Clapper?” Sanders asked.

She went on: “Will we see the same people we know have all made false statements? Will that same standard apply? That’s a question we’ll see what happens on that front.”

CNN collusion

The CNN host went on to press Sanders on conversations between Stone and Trump campaign staffers about WikiLeaks, but Sanders reiterated that she isn’t an attorney who can thoroughly parse through the indictment. Moreover, she said, none of it has anything to do with President Trump himself.

After being badgered by her interview about an unproven connection between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks, Sanders then took a shot at CNN.

“Outlets just like yours, CNN, spent significant time not only looking for information of WikiLeaks, but also reporting on it. Does that mean CNN is guilty of collusion?” she asked.

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Undeterred, the CNN host suggested that Sanders refused to answer his questions. But Sanders fired back.

“I actually have answered the question several times,” she said, “you just don’t like my answer.”

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