Sanders dismisses rumor that Melania Trump moved out of the White House

The liberal media went just a bit too far, and thankfully, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders put them right back in their place.

After a Washington Post story hinted Melania is no longer living in the White House, Sanders ripped the publication, saying, “Just when you think the Washington Post can’t get things any more wrong, they do. …  The First Lady lives in the White house.”

Fake News

The WP dedicated a significant portion of its Sunday coverage to taking hidden shots at the Trumps and their marriage.

Once again, the publication used sources that were too cowardly to put their names in print.

However, and not so surprisingly, every source that was willing to be quoted had nothing but good things to say about the Trumps and their relationship.

If we are to believe the WP, Melania has already build her own wall within the White House and regularly slips out at night to live in a separate residence with her parents and Baron.

The ‘Real’ Melania

The problem the liberal media is dealing with right now is the American public is starting to fall in love with the First Lady.

While staying in the background most of her first year, she is now becoming more comfortable in the role of being a First Lady.

She has several campaigns working to support children and her State Dinner went off without a hitch.

Not only that, but Melania has looked every bit the supermodel while doing it.

Dare we say, Melania is knocking Michelle Obama right off her perch.

In response, the media has started to attack her relentlessly in the hopes of causing problems between FLOTUS and POTUS.

They literally dissect every public second the two spend together in the hopes of finding something, anything they can use against them.

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Get used to it folks, because Melania is blossoming right before our very eyes.

If she continues down this path, she might very well hold a place in the heart of Americans much like Nancy Reagan and Jackie Kennedy have held for decades.

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