Report: News of Sarah Sanders’ departure yields hateful response from left

It was announced last week that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders would be resigning her position at the end of the month, bringing to a conclusion her dedicated and loyal service to President Donald Trump that stretched back to the days of the 2016 campaign.

Almost as if on cue, members of the predominately liberal media were almost giddy as they unleashed a torrent of utter hatred at the president’s chief spokeswoman and expressed the great delight they were taking in her impending departure.

Documented vitriol

The outpouring of liberal media hatred against Sarah Sanders was a topic of discussion for the Daily Caller’s, “hype man” Christian Datoc and White House correspondent Amber Athey.

The pair also delved into the topic of who might ultimately get the nod from Trump to be Sanders’ replacement.

Watch the discussion below:

Datoc marveled at the intensity of the “backlash” he’d received on an innocuous tweet sharing Sanders’ commentary about leaving, and said, “Holy s***, were people pissed off. They really don’t like Sarah Sanders.”

Athey noted a particularly harsh tweet from CNN contributor April Ryan — who has long butted heads with Sanders — in which Ryan referred to Sanders as a “liar” and “trash” — “Which is so inappropriate for a White House correspondent to do,” Athey said.

“Just show a little respect to the office, if not even, like, to the people. It’s amazing to me,” Datoc said. “The stuff that was popping up in my mentions were gross and I don’t really want to repeat them here.”

Athey agreed and noted that she had seen “awful things” about Sanders from reporters, and added how unnecessary it was to launch “character attacks” against political figures one might dislike.

Gutter politics

“It’s disgusting,” Datoc said of the treatment Sanders had received. “A lot of pig references, which, you know, I don’t understand how all these so-called liberals who, like, ‘respect women,’ say all of this stuff and then, you know … Probably the hardest-working woman in Trump’s administration, every time she goes out in public they make fun of her looks, they make fun of her weight.”

Athey pointed out that Sanders was only the third woman to serve as press secretary and the first working mother to do so, and she noted how that was “normally something the left would celebrate, but of course you only get celebrated for being a trailblazing woman if you’re the right kind of woman, meaning you’re a leftist.”

You can see for yourself some of the utterly disturbing and unmitigated hatred from the left toward Sanders simply by scrolling down through the comments on Sanders’ own tweet announcing her upcoming resignation. It truly is sad that political discourse in this country has descended to and wallows in this gutter level of hateful political divisiveness.

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