Sanders campaign gets devastating news from establishment superdelegates

When the 2020 Democrat presidential hopefuls were asked if they would support a brokered convention playing out by the rules if nobody cornered the majority prior to the Democrat National Convention, Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) was the only one to say “no.”

The reason he said no is that he knows the Democrat establishment will not back him. Indeed, Breitbart reports that Sanders is facing major pushback from the establishment that could end his chances at the nomination: a recent New York Times report alleged that less than 10% of superdelegates have said they will throw their support behind Sanders.

Overwhelming opposition to Sanders

Bernie Sanders, right now, is a bigger threat to the Democratic Party than Donald Trump. The overall consensus is that if Bernie wins, moderate voters will never back him to be president, even if they despise Trump.

The establishment is just as afraid of his socialist policies as conservatives are, so there is little support among the establishment to have him represent the party in the general election.

Earlier this week, The New York Times interviewed 93 superdelegates who would come into play if a nominee is not decided ahead of the convention in July. Out of those 93, only nine of them stated they would support Sanders if he did not have the majority needed but did arrive at the convention with the overall lead.

Burning down the house

Of course, the establishment fears Bernie for more than his socialist views. His followers sound like members of the Fidel Castro regime, threatening to burn down cities and “re-educate” MAGA supporters.

Kyle Jurek, who is a field organizer for the Sanders campaign, was caught on camera saying all of these things last month, but the media has yet to even address the situation with Sanders.

Project Veritas went undercover to capture video footage in which Jurek admits that if the DNC goes to a second vote, “Milwaukee will burn.” He actually discusses putting wealthy people into a gulag-like setting, making them break rocks to punish them for being rich. Take a look:

As bad as today’s Democratic Party is, it is a fairly safe bet that the majority does not agree with this — even though de facto party leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently broke and said she would support Sanders as the nominee.

However, we know Sanders will have the support of millions of millennials who want their student loans forgiven, so he cannot be underestimated as we draw closer to November.

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