Complaint accuses Bernie Sanders of breaking federal election laws

The Bernie Sanders campaign has once again been found to be bending the rules.

A new FEC complaint has been filed against the Sanders campaign accusing them of employing a foreign national in a decision-making capacity.

Breaking the Law

Per FEC regulations, foreign nationals are not permitted to participate in the decision-making process for anyone running for election or any election-related activities.

Included in this category of foreign nationals are those that are not legally and lawfully admitted to the country as permanent residents — including DACA recipients.

Unfortunately, at least for Bernie Sanders, his campaign has several of these individuals employed in that capacity, the most notable of which is Maria Belén Sisa, Sanders’ deputy national press secretary.

Sisa started to garner some national headlines on her own after she raised concerns about American Jews being loyal to the United States.

Now, some are wondering if she can even be working for the 2020 Sanders campaign at all.

Not the First Time

As you may recall, the Sanders campaign was hit by the FEC last year with a fine of $14,500 for accepting contributions from the foreign Australian Labor Party.

And Sisa has also donated money to the Sanders campaign.

In addition to her employment, Sisa’s donation also qualifies as an FEC violation, according to the complaint.

Two other staffers for Sanders also reportedly violate FEC regulations: Erika Andiola, the campaign’s press secretary for Latino Outreach, and Cesar Vargas, a strategist for the campaign’s national Latino outreach program.

Will Sanders soon have to pay up?

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