Sanders betrays his supporters by kowtowing to Democratic Party

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders built a major following by railing against the Democrat establishment, especially in the 2020 election.

However, after dropping out of the race, Sanders has shocked his supporters by collapsing under the pressure to bow to the establishment, including by penning an email asking for donations to the Democratic Party this week, Breitbart reported.

Selling out

Above all else, Sanders stated at the start of this campaign that his main reason for running was to ensure Donald Trump did not win a second term. However, over the course of the campaign, he once again soured against the Democratic Party when it became apparent that the establishment was rigging the primaries in Biden’s favor.

Bernie Sanders’ supporters picked up on this, with some threatening violence and riots if Sanders was once again “robbed” of the nomination and did not win the presidency.

Meanwhile, Sanders regularly made headlines by taking shots at the establishment. For instance, he sniped in March, “Today I say to the Democratic establishment, in order to win in the future, you need to win the voters who represent the future of our country, and you must speak to the issues of concern to them. You cannot simply be satisfied by winning the votes of people who are older.”

Even so, now that he knows he has no shot at the White House, Sanders has officially fallen in line with the Democratic Party. According to Breitbart, he penned his first fundraising email this week to raise money for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to help support Biden’s run against Trump.

“My campaign for president may be over, but our struggle continues. That struggle begins with defeating Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history,” he wrote in the plea for donations, according to Breitbart. “But it does not end there I will also be doing everything in my power to elect strong progressives at every level of government.”

Supporters aren’t buying it

Much like the resistance that happened in 2016 when Sanders caved and endorsed Hillary Clinton, we are already seeing the fallout from Sanders bowing to the Democrat establishment.

Immediately after Sanders withdrew from the race, members of his campaign team ripped into Joe Biden, making it clear they would not support his candidacy. Briahna Joy Gray, Sanders’ former national spokesperson, was the most notable of those crying foul.

Pundits are now scrambling to figure out just how impactful Sanders’ about-face will be for Biden in terms of voters turning out. There is a widespread belief that if Sanders had fought on, maybe his supporters would rally behind Biden.

Now, however, with Sanders dropping out so early and not fighting all the way to the convention, some believe Sanders may have taken the heart right out of his base, disenfranchising them from the election completely. That would certainly be good news for President Trump.

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