Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announces resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

The wait is finally over.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions turned in his resignation on Wednesday. 

Long Time Coming

For many, Sessions’ tenure as Attorney General was about 18 months too long.

While initially celebrated as a good choice by Trump, everything changed when Sessions recused himself from the Russia collusion investigation.

Tensions between Trump and Sessions only escalated from there.

Sessions’ lack of action in several other cases also had Trump and conservatives wondering what Sessions was trying to do.

He seemed as though he was bending over backward to make liberals happy — and, in the process, was upsetting Trump, his base, and conservatives in general.

Kicking and Screaming

Sessions had not been in office for two months when rumors about his impending firing started to surface.

Trump continued to turn on the heat, but Sessions was adamant that he was in this for the long haul.

It was clear in his resignation letter that Sessions still did not want to give up the position.

His resignation letter stated plainly: “At your request, I am submitting my resignation”

Acting Attorney General

With Sessions out, his chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, will be taking over duties until a nomination for the position is made by the president.

Whitaker will be able to hold the position of acting attorney general for a maximum of 210 days.

As an outspoken opponent of Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion investigation, Whitaker has Dems already pushing the panic button.

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Jerry Nadler have already accused the president of trying to manipulate the investigation by removing Sessions.

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Meanwhile, name suddenly popping up to take over the office of the AG permanently is Chris Christie.

The former governor of New Jersey is the person most believed would be initially nominated, but he apparently fell out of Trump’s good graces during the campaign when he bailed during some bad news cycles.

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