Sanders admits he is losing the ‘electability’ debate

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has had two brutal Tuesdays in a row, but he is far from out of the Democratic presidential primary race.

Still, Sanders just admitted that he “is losing the electability debate,” according to the Daily Caller. Is the senator about ready to accept defeat?

To what purpose?

It is tough to recall ever having heard Bernie Sanders sound so down during an election season. One of his draws is that he has always been able to tune out the outside world and give energized speeches about his movement. That, however, was hardly the tone or confidence he exuded earlier this week.

His opinion was undoubtedly formed because outlets like ABC News are now touting Joe Biden as the presumptive nominee, saying Sanders has no path forward.

But if that is the case, and Sanders truly believes voters think he is not electable, then why is he still in this race and not unifying the vote behind Joe Biden?

Bad strategy

Bernie Sanders has regularly touted that the ultimate goal of the party has to be to defeat Donald Trump.

By admitting that his supporters are telling him he is not the man to defeat Trump, he should be dropping out, right?

Instead, he will move forward with the next Democrat debate on Sunday night, which absolutely puts Biden at risk of being exposed. Unless Bernie lays down and uses the debate to team up with Biden and go after Trump, this simply makes no sense.

Additionally, as we know from the 2016 election, Sanders voters are loyal only to him. If they did not show up for Hillary Clinton, how can anyone expect them to show up for Biden, a candidate who is about as establishment as it gets?

Sanders will need as much time as possible to persuade his voters to fall in line and betray their ideals to put Biden in the White House.

This debate and next Tuesday may be Sanders’ last stand, but he is allowing precious time to tick away. Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to drop out before Super Tuesday is widely believed to be the reason Sanders fell so far behind in the first place — and now, he’s doing the same thing to Joe Biden.

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