Sarah Sanders accused of getting it wrong on migrant child deaths

CNN has once again found a way to attack a member of President Donald Trump’s administration.

In this case, after press secretary Sarah Sanders stated that the government is “doing everything” it can to take care of migrant children while they are in border patrol custody, the network went out and found a couple of doctors in private practice to find fault with her statement.

Technically Speaking

When asked about the tragic death of the migrant children and what the United States plans on doing to prevent it from happening again, Sanders stated, “We are doing everything in our capacity to make sure that when people do come, that they’re taken care of so we don’t have these types of instances.”

CNN’s doctors quickly took exception to her wording.

“In hospitals, when someone has a tragic event, a near miss, a drug error, we don’t lead with ‘we’re doing everything we can.’ It’s ideal to lead with ‘let’s make ourselves open to self-criticism to make sure that we’re taking care of the people who come to us for help,” Dr. Buddy Creech said.

One of their major concerns is in how children are treated.

One doctor made the point that children can appear healthy on the outside, yet their bodies are literally breaking down before our eyes.

He believes children should receive more thorough medical screening and possibly be separated if there is even a remote chance the child is sick and could spread that illness to other children.

Changes of Immigration

Much of the problem, according to Dr. Creech, is that the landscape of immigration has changed dramatically in recent years.

The flow at the border used to be made up of mostly single men, but now border patrol is seeing a significant amount of children. Many of them are also unaccompanied.

This presents a significant challenge for border patrol medics, who don’t have the children’s medical history records. Often no parent is there to fill them in.

A second doctor, Dr. William Schaffner, says more specific testing should have been given in the case of the child that most recently died. When the boy was first hospitalized, the doctors did not test him for the flu, according to CNN. After his death, he tested positive for influenza.

CNN’s commentary speaks for itself: “Though the doctors interviewed for this story did not say the agents should have second-guessed the doctors, they noted that Customs and Border Protection, which employs medical professionals, could have asked questions about his care, just as parents are encouraged to do when their children are sick.”

“He was in custody of Customs and Border patrol. They were in place of mom — in loco parentis,” Schaffner stated. “I don’t expect border patrol agents to be medical professionals, but this whole process leaves a lot of questions.”

What everyone continuously forgets to mention is that many migrants are not coming over the border through legal points of entry — instead, they often attempt to cross using dangerous routes to avoid detection.

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The Trump administration has tried to pass legislation to direct immigrants to legal entry points, but that legislation was shot down by a liberal judge.

One of the reasons the administration was trying to pass this legislation was because it wanted to make sure when people do come into the country, it can be done in a safe and orderly manner.

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