San Jose mayor hit by SUV while riding his bike

The mayor of San Jose got quite a scare over the holiday.

While riding his bike on New Years Day, Mayor Sam Liccardo collided with an SUV and ended up in the hospital.

Expected to be OK

The mayor was out riding his bike after a news conference around 12:30 p.m. when an SUV made a sudden right turn in front of him.

A witness reported that Liccardo’s head actually went through the window of the vehicle on impact.

After the crash, the individual driving the vehicle stopped and remained at the scene while emergency services were called.

Having been hit while riding before, I can assure you this is a terrifying experience.

Thankfully, the mayor’s injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. “He’s a bit banged up, but it’s nothing overly serious,” a spokesman for Liccardo reported.

According to a close friend, Carl Guardino, Liccardo suffered a broken collarbone, a broken chest bone, and injuries to both his neck and back.

“A car cut him off and caused a collision,” said Guardino. “From what I understand, the mayor sustained a few fractures including a fracture to his sternum. He’s pretty banged up and bruised up, but he’s in great spirits.”

Doctors said he would remain in the hospital at least one night for observation.

In Great Spirits

Liccardo was quick to send out a “thank you” to all those that helped him during the accident.

Two neighbors were apparently there right after it happened and called emergency services to help him.

Guardino also chimed in, having been the victim of a car vs. bike accident himself.

“This is the fear of every cyclist,” said Guardino. “Cyclists are flesh and blood on two wheels … and they always lose.”

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Guardino also told local reporters the mayor seemed to be in very good spirits while recovering from the injury.

Liccardo even managed to pull up a quick joke about the incident.

A local station reported Liccardo told them, “Fortunately, the doctors state that all the defects to the head were pre-existing conditions.”

It will no doubt be some time before the San Jose mayor gets back on his bike again.

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