Local San Francisco law enforcement refuse to release mugshot for Pelosi assailant

There remain a number of conflicting details and unanswered questions about the violent assault on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and an apparent lack of transparency on the part of local officials has only prolonged speculation in place of facts in that regard.

It has been reported that both city and county law enforcement has refused to release to the public the mugshot of the arrested and charged suspect in the Pelosi attack, David DePape, the Conservative Brief reported.

That decision follows a refusal by the local district attorney to publicly release bodycam footage related to the incident, as well as a refusal by the city to cooperate with federal immigration officials with regard to DePape, who is an illegal migrant.

No mugshot release for Pelosi attack suspect

The Epoch Times reported that it requested the release of DePape’s mugshot from both the San Francisco County Sheriff’s Office, which currently has the suspect held in custody, and the San Francisco Police Department, which initially arrested and processed DePape following the assault on Pelosi.

However, the Sheriff’s Office dodged that request and asserted in response, “We do not own the rights to mugshots.”

Likewise, the Police Department rejected the media outlet’s request, at least for now, as an officer wrote in a reply email, “Under the current circumstances we do not release mugshots of the suspect.”

The “current circumstances” referenced were not explained, but it was noted that SFPD policy under its current chief is to only release mugshots when there is an “imminent danger” to the public, such as when a wanted suspect is at-large.

No bodycam footage or 911 audio, no cooperation with ICE

Around the same time that local law enforcement refused to release the DePape mugshot, the Washington Examiner reported that San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins had similarly refused to release any video footage from officer-worn bodycams or surveillance cameras, nor would she release the audio recording of Pelosi’s 911 call.

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Jenkins rejected the idea that it was in the “public interest” to release the audio and video recordings related to the alleged break-in and assault at the Pelosi residence, though she did confirm that members of the Pelosi family were granted special access to hear and see those recordings.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported that the suspect, DePape, is a Canadian citizen who has been living in California illegally for many years after he entered the country legally in 2008 as a “temporary visitor” but then failed to leave when his six-month authorization expired.

Given DePape’s known status as an illegal migrant, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement filed a detainer with the San Francisco County Jail in order for the agency to be notified if/when he was released so that he could be taken into federal custody and processed for deportation.

Unfortunately for ICE, San Francisco is a so-called “sanctuary city” that refuses to cooperate with federal immigration officials, and according to The Post Millennial, DA Jenkins has refused to turn DePape over to federal authorities. “San Francisco is a sanctuary city and our policy is sacred,” Jenkins said in a statement. “We will not be collaborating or coordinating with ICE.”

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