'Safeguards against beheading' now hit the market

February 26, 2023
World Net Daily

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Diversity is when there is a multitude of perspectives that are available in a society.

In recent years, that, frankly, has meant a multitude of pro-Islamic statements, comments, and agendas.

In many nations, like the United Kingdom, where the Muslim population is surging, there have developed no-go zones where even local police fear to tread.

Now there's a company proposing to profit from the growth in the Muslim population, in this case in France.

Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch notes in a brief report that a French clothing maker "offers 'anti-knife neck guards' and other safeguards against beheading."

He reported, "Sign of the times," and he quoted the Quran, which it states, "When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks ..."

"Celebrate diversity! It is France’s commitment to that alleged virtue that has given rise to this line of clothing. If your nation and civilization are being destroyed, you might as well make a profit off its destruction," he explained.

He then links to Kamouflages.com, where neck protectors and other products are being sold.

One product is described, in French, as "anti-knife protection (neck-collarbone) black or camouflage."

It was about $50.

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