Ruth Bader Ginsburg roasted on comedy show

First there was the “Notorious RBG.” Now Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg finds herself the subject of an off-color comedy roast.

During a recent filming for “This Week at the Comedy Cellar,” Gilbert Gottfried unleashed on the 85-year-old Justice.

The Roast

Going after a liberal, especially a well-respected and powerful liberal like Ginsburg, is absolute taboo these days.

That did not stop Gottfried, though, as he put her in his sites and went off.

Gottfried first went after her age during his bit.

On Ginsburg, he stated, “She’s been in the legal field for many years, since her first case, Anthony v. Cleopatra.”

Since Ginsburg made recent headlines with her fall, Gottfried took a shot at her on that topic as well.

“The good news is Ruth is now back at work on the Supreme Court,” Gottfried stated.

He added, “However, it will be another few months before she’s back at her side job at FlashDancers in Times Square.”

When that joke went over well, Gottfried decided to take it to another level, impersonating Ginsburg in what can politely be called an intimate interaction with her Latin lover.

Too Far?

The show aired on Friday night on Comedy Central and will surely be replayed numerous times over the next couple of weeks.

After all of the disrespectful impersonations and skits about Trump, it will be very interesting to see how the public reacts to Gottfried’s routine on Ginsburg.

Our best guess is that liberals will be outraged, calling for Gottfried’s head.

It will no doubt be a combination of outrage over the act as well as outrage over him “attacking” a woman.

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Anyone that speaks up, though, should quickly be shown Acosta’s karate chop to the intern as well as all the attacks against Ivanka Trump and Sarah Sanders.

If they had nothing to say about that, then they should have nothing to say about Gottfried’s routine on Ginsburg.

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