Report: Ruth Bader Ginsburg has no plans for retirement despite recent health scares

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has made headlines in recent weeks for a series of health scares, including a fall that fractured three of her ribs last month and the subsequent discovery of two “cancerous growths” in her left lung, which were successfully removed last week.

But in spite of her declining health, The Guardian reported on Saturday that RBG “has hired clerks for the term that extends into 2020,” indicating that the Supreme Court justice has no plans to retire — at least while President Donald Trump is in the White House.

Health scares plague RBG

As the oldest justice on the bench, Ginsburg has long faced rumors about her retirement, particularly from those on the right who hope President Trump has the chance to appoint another conservative-leaning justice before the end of his presidency. That speculation escalated in early November after the 85-year-old fell in her Supreme Court office on Nov. 7.

Ginsburg went home after the fall, but was hospitalized the next morning when the pain had not subsided. She was treated for three cracked ribs on her left side at George Washington University Hospital in Washington.

She missed a formal welcoming ceremony for Justice Brett Kavanaugh while hospitalized, but she returned to her infamous daily workouts soon after her release from the hospital. She even reported earlier this month that her ribs were “almost repaired.”

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But while Ginsburg’s ribs may have been healing nicely, the health scares weren’t over for the justice. NBC News reported that two cancerous growths in her left lung were discovered during “tests on her broken ribs” in November that experts say may have saved her life.

The growths were removed at a New York cancer center on Friday in what has been reported to be a successful, but major, procedure. It was the justice’s third bout with cancer; Ginsburg previously survived battles with colon and pancreatic cancer, according to NBC.

Her husband, Martin, died of testicular cancer in 2010. He was 78.

The left puts on the pressure

Meanwhile, Ginsburg has faced enormous pressure from those on the left to remain in her seat on the high court at least through Trump’s term — and it seems like she’s bowing to it. Though Ginsburg was previously treated for broken ribs in 2012 and underwent a heart stent procedure in 2014, she has never missed a day of arguments since she joined the high court a quarter-century ago, and she has been adamant in interviews that she won’t be backing down any time soon.

This attitude from the so-called “Notorious RBG” has only fueled liberals’ desires to keep her on the high court until a Democratic president sits in the Oval Office. Some have even offered to donate organs to the Columbia Law graduate, who was first appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1993.

A documentary-style film about Ginsburg’s early work as a lawyer, On The Basis of Sex, is also now playing in theaters, once again putting her at the forefront of liberal admiration.

Indeed, it seems the left is unable to let Ginsburg retire in peace — and we can bet that if Trump wins again in 2020, RBG will be fighting to stay on the bench for another four years.

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