Russian Hackers Promise Takedown of European Banking System

June 15, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Russian hackers have unleashed on social media a threat to the European banking system, promising, 'Within 48 hours … nothing will save you."

The Russian activist groups are known by the names KillNet, Anonymous Sudan, and REvil.

"This is not a DDoS attack, the games are over," the video statement said. "No money, no weapons, no Kiev regime – this is the formula for the death of Nazism and it will work."

It continued, "Within 48 hours we are launching this global company, nothing will save you and this is not a warning. I am just informing you. You have never seen such problems before."

report by the Gateway Pundit noted that the three "notorious hacktivist groups, KillNet, Anonymous Sudan and REvil," are generally not united.

"The three hacker groups declared their intention to unleash a massive cyber onslaught on the European banking system, threatening to bring it to its knees within '48 hours' (the information was relevant as of yesterday)," the report said.

The report continued, "Killnet’s leader, who goes by the alias Killmilk, has confirmed to [in Russia] that plans for the attack are already underway. The attack, as he revealed, is set to commence within the 'next 48 hours.'"

It said REvil is the group that hacked the computers of Florida-based space and weapon-launch technology contractor HX5.

Anonymous Sudan, which takes credit for DDoS attacks against the Microsoft Azure portal earlier this month, also pledged support for the cyber attack, the report said.

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