Russian expert warns of Putin launching a potential ‘blitzkrieg’ attack in Ukraine

The situation in Russia took a shocking turn on Monday evening as President Vladimir Putin issued a formal decree in which he declared two major Eastern Ukrainian areas populated with pro-Russia separatists as “independent territories.”

According to Fox News, the belief is that Putin made the strategic move in order to move Russian forces into Ukraine in what could be a precursor to a large-scale invasion of the rest of the country. As of Tuesday morning, there were already reports of Putin deploying what he called “peacekeeping” troops and equipment into the region.

Russia expert Rebekah Irina Koffler believes that Putin’s move will soon lead to a “blitzkrieg-type” attack, which could be launched in the coming hours or days.

The Fox report added: “Russia may launch a large-scale air and missile bombardment of key military and government command and control facilities in major Ukrainian cities, preceding a ground incursion.”

Imminent invasion?

While President Joe Biden and most of the mainstream media have hyped the possibility of an “imminent” invasion of Ukraine for roughly the past month, it appears as though it’s actually likely to happen at this point, explained Koffler.

“Having recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics and signed treaties today, Russia will almost certainly deploy armed forces, imminently, to occupy these breakaway territories,” Koffler said.

She added: I cannot rule out the possibility of Putin’s authorizing a “decapitation” strategy, targeting Kiyv, to force Zelensky to flee, so Moscow can install a pro-Russian leader. At minimum, a crippling cyber warfare campaign will target Kiev, including its power grid.

The expert went on to add that the reason she believes it will happen sooner than later is because Feb. 23 marks is Russia’s “Soviet Army Day,” during which she believes Putin will declare victory, whether it’s after his initial moves or a larger-scale invasion of Western areas of the nation.

Ukraine responds

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy released a video response after Putin signed the decree declaring the two areas as independent territories, vowing to not back down from what looks to be a massive fight in the coming hours.

“We are not afraid of anyone or anything… We will not give anything to anyone… We are on our own land,” Zelenskyy said in the Instagram video.

He added: “For us – the truth. Behind us is Ukraine… The only goal is peace in Ukraine…Glory to Ukraine!”

Only time will tell just how far Putin takes this crisis. Either way, the ramifications for the rest of the world are huge, as energy markets are expected to suffer, as well as global stock markets.

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