‘Russian Collusion Delusion’: Trump blasts the media as the ‘Enemy of the People’

The Russia collusion witch hunt may be finally over with the conclusion of the special counsel probe, but the damage done to the president, his administration, and the American people is hard to overstate.

Justifiably frustrated, President Donald Trump criticized the politically-driven media as the “Enemy of the People” in an early morning tweet on Tuesday.

Enemy of the People

In this country, we rely on the media to honestly report the news to let us know what is going on with our elected representatives. Regardless of their own political ideology, journalists are supposed to report the facts, period.

This all started to change during Ronald Reagan’s presidency and has gotten progressively worse with each new administration. Now, though, the media is completely out of control. Truth takes second place to the liberal narrative.

The mainstream media, save a couple of outlets, all wanted Trump to be guilty of collusion — because his agenda doesn’t fit with their leftist values.

Never before had we seen such a disgraceful display of liberal disappointment as when Trump was elected. But we’re seeing it again this week after the Mueller report announced there was no collusion.

Telling Only Part of the Story

Today’s media is often guilty of being fake news because they don’t tell the entire story. This was never more evident than in the coverage of the Covington Catholic High School incident in January.

Major outlets ran with a misleading 15-second clip of a video of an incident that had been building up for over an hour. They wanted the white MAGA-hat-wearing teenager to be a racist, so that is how they portrayed him.

Another way the media twists the story is that they don’t ask hard follow-up questions to Democrats anymore. Rep. Adam Schiff has been running around telling everyone he has evidence that proves collusion for months.

Clearly, special counsel Robert Mueller has had that same information and more, so why is not every media outlet today calling for Schiff to show us his evidence?

Not only does the media not ask the appropriate follow-up questions but even when they actually do hit Democrats with a hard-hitting question, they let them off the hook without actually answering it.

Watch the interview with Chris Wallace and Hillary Clinton as an example of this. Not only was Wallace practically gushing during the interview; he allowed Clinton to dance around any of his harder questions and did not hit her with a single tough follow-up question.

If the media won’t tell the truth, the whole truth, then Trump is right… they are the enemy of the American people!

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