Russian actor Boris Zavolokin dies at 82

E Prime Feed reports that Boris Fyodorovich Zavolokin, a top Russian actor, passed away at the age of 82. 

Zavolokin is reported to have died on Friday in Tula, Russia. Reports indicate that Avolokin passed away after a long battle with an illness. But, it is not being reported what that illness was.

Zavolokin’s death was announced by M. Gorky Sergey Borisov, the director of the Tula Academic Drama Theater.

“This morning, Boris Fyodorovich Zavolokin died in the hospital,” Borisov said. “The date, time, and place of the funeral will be announced later. Boris Fyodorovich has been sick lately, the last time he went on stage [was] on March 27, on Theater Day.”

Who was he?

Zavolokin enjoyed a long acting career that includes appearances both on stage and in film. His career goes back to 1960 when he graduated from the theater studio of the local Tula drama theater.

Throughout his long career, Zavolokin performed for several theaters. They include the Astrakhan Drama Theater, the Irkutsk Regional Drama Theater, and the N.P. Oklhopkova, Krasnodar State Drama Theater, the Samara Academic Drama Theater, the M. Gorky, Tver Regional Drama Theater, and the Tula Drama Theater.

In terms of film, Zavolokin is known for acting in several Soviet-era films, including Postal Romance (1969), Nylon 100% (1973), and Forgive, farewell (1979). A post-soviet film that he acted in is Apostle (2008).

For his acting, Zavolokin received multiple awards. This includes the Honored Artist of the RSFSR award, which he received in 1979. And, in 1987, he was awarded the title, “People’s Artist of the RSFSR.”

“An irreparable loss”

The Tula theater where Zavolokin last worked released a statement following the actor’s passing.

The statement reads:

Boris Fyodorovich Zavolokin has died, a favorite of the city, an artist by vocation, a bright and outstanding personality. From the first role, he captivated the audience, because no matter what he did, whether in a modern role, in a suit, historical, with him, an era, a volume of time, moving details of life were born around him. . . In Boris Fedorovich’s play, the Russian theater school demonstrated its firm and invincible tradition!

Alexei Dyumin, the governor of the Tula region of Russia, of which Zavolokin was an honorary citizen, also has released a statement following Zavolokin’s passing.

“This is an irreparable loss for the Tula region and the entire Russian culture,” Dyumin said. “We will forever keep the good memory of Boris Fedorovich in our hearts.”

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