Investigators: Putin’s Russia shot down a Malaysian Airlines jet in 2014

It tool almost four years, but we finally learned the truth.

Investigators have found that a 2014 plane crash was actually caused by the Russians.

Flight 17

People around the world were stunned when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 exploded.

At the time, nobody seemed to be able to figure out what caused the explosion.

Was it sabotage?

Was the plane actually shot down?

After four years of investigating the incident, a Dutch-led investigation found out the cause of the mysterious explosion.

It was a missile traced back to the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade of Russia.

According to the report, the missile was launched from a small area just outside of Snizhne, a small Ukranian town.

That area at time was controlled by a group of separatists, therefore by default, the Russian military.

In addition, it had been reported by another news agency of the presence of Russian weapons in the area at the time the airplane was downed.

In all, 298 people were killed in the attack.

Russian Denial

The Russians, of course, had their denial in the can and ready to open the moment this investigation came to a conclusion.

The foreign ministry has called the investigation full of “bias and political motivation.”

In other words, it was not their missile.

This is not the first time the Russians have been involved in downing a passenger airliner.

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In 1983, Soviet jets shot down Korean Airliner 007.

Immediately following that incident, the Russians also vehemently denied any culpability in the incident.

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