Russia launches cruise missile strike on Ukrainian oil depot, explosions light up night sky

The situation on the ground in Ukraine, specifically near the capital city of Kyiv, took a nasty turn on Saturday night.

According to Fox News, Russian forces reportedly launched a cruise missile strike against a massive oil pipeline close to the city, which resulted in the night sky being lit up with massive glows of orange flames from the resulting explosions and fires.

The strike came after a day of unfavorable press coverage for Vladimir Putin, as Russian forces apparently aren’t making the gains that were presumably expected early on.

Strikes on civilians

As Putin seemingly becomes more desperate to make it not look as if he’s losing, which many believe he clearly is, there were other cowardly strikes across Ukraine, including viral footage of a high-rise apartment building being targeted by Russian rockets.

The strike came after Russian officials vowed to not target civilian populations, thought that has been proven to be false on many occasions throughout the past four days of the Russian-led invasion.

Many are already labeling Putin as a “war criminal” in the wake of the strikes, which undoubtedly claimed the lives of untold numbers of Ukrainian civilians.

Ukrainians fight back

However, the news isn’t all doom and gloom for Ukraine, as its citizens, alongside its military, have proven to be more than a formidable opponent to Putin’s onslaught. Thousands of civilians heeded the call by President Vlodomyr Zelensky to grab a rifle from the local armory and take up the fight against the invaders.

While Putin and his military commanders likely believed taking Ukraine would be a walk in the park at most, the will of the Ukrainian people to defend their homeland has clearly proven to be quite the obstacle for the Russian dictator.

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