State Department claims Russia is behind coronavirus misinformation campaign

Social media has been exploding with reports about the U.S. actually being behind the spread of the coronavirus.

Those claims, according to a Washington Times report, are due to a massive Russian disinformation effort on social media.

Unfounded conspiracy theories

These days, conspiracy theories seem to get more traction than actual news. And that seems to be the case here.

With opinions abroad starting to form that the United States could possibly be behind the outbreak of COVID-19, the official name for the novel coronavirus disease, the State Department is trying to set the record straight.

“Unfortunately, we have been able to assess that accounts tied to Russia, the entire ecosystem of Russian disinformation, has been engaged in the midst of this world health crisis,” Lea Gabrielle, head of the State Department’s Global Engagement Center, testified before the Senate on Thursday.

She went on: “We saw the entire ecosystem of Russian disinformation at play. Russian state proxy websites, official state media, as well as swarms of online, false personas pushing out false narratives.”

Among the claims being made in these accounts is that the virus is another way for the United States to wage an “economic war on China.” Others have blamed the virus itself on the CIA.

Vindicating Trump

One cannot help but look back now at the since-debunked allegations that the Russians were trying to help President Donald Trump win the election.

If that were true, Russia would hardly be looking to blame the coronavirus problem on the Trump administration.

The No. 1 factor Trump has going for him right now is the economy. Most experts believe that if we slip into a recession over this economy, Trump will end up being the one to take the fall.

If that happens, he will lose all those voters who are only voting for him because their financial lives have never been better.

Without that margin, it would be very difficult for Trump to pull out this election; hence, it would seem the Russians are working against Trump — not for him.

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