Rush Limbaugh warns Kamala Harris ‘could be very dangerous’

Rush Limbaugh has ended the speculation on whether or not Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is a serious contender, seconding a notion we have mentioned here several times.

Limbaugh agreed with our exact assessment of the Democrat presidential candidate, saying, “She could be very dangerous.”

The One to Watch

Of all the candidates that have announced their campaigns thus far, Harris ticks all the boxes.

She is “non-white.”

She is a woman.

She speaks well.

She simply has no fear when it comes to personal attacks.

She is offering a message the far left completely embraces.

Does that sound eerily familiar to you? Because it should.

Like Barack Obama, she has a lot going for her.

In fact, the only possible candidate that seems stronger would be Michelle Obama, and the former first lady — so far — insists she isn’t running for president.

No Fear

Many in the media thought the reports of Harris’s affair with Willie Brown would hurt her chances, but it has had absolutely no effect.

Harris looked right into the camera lens and said, “So what?!”

This is a woman that supports abortion.

This is a woman that believes in free health care for the entire country, never mind the costs.

This is a woman that has worked hard to make her state a sanctuary state.

Harris welcomes all immigrants with no limitations… open the borders and let them all in.

She will probably run a campaign very similar to that of Bernie Sanders in that she will avoid taking money from people like George Soros directly.

However, make no mistake about it, big money on the left will set up PACs and they will back her vehemently.

Honestly, it would not be that far-fetched to see her put Bernie Sanders on her ticket if and when she wins the nomination.

If Harris wins, it will be the first step to making the United States a socialist country and by the end of her term, the damage will be done.

Unemployment will go up, markets will crash, and the American people will NEED the government to bail them out — which is exactly where the Democrats want them.

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That party does not want citizens. They want sheep, period, and Harris may be the shepherd they hope can lead them.

The thought is terrifying.

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