Rush Limbaugh announces: Mueller’s team proving corruption ‘at highest levels’

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh just unloaded on Robert Mueller — and our justice system in general.

Limbaugh said he believes there is a “double standard, a dual system of justice.”

Different Rules for Different People

During the presidential election, millions of Americans were left to wonder how Hillary Clinton was not being prosecuted.

Between the Uranium One scandal, the emails, Benghazi, and numerous pay-for-plays, the list of ethical issues with Clinton goes and on.

But not only was Hillary never indicted, it was apparently never a thought to bring her to justice.

Rush stated: “Those crimes, because they involved the Democrat nominee, were exonerated.”

That was not the situation when it came to anyone and everyone associated with Trump.

On this, Rush stated: “There is clearly now a double standard, a dual system of justice at the highest levels of our Department of Justice.”

Conservatives in this country are no longer presumed innocent — quite the contrary.

Now, once an accusation is made, conservatives like Trump are relentlessly pursued until they can make some kind of a case against them.

No Pass for You!

While Hillary and company got a free pass, the Mueller investigation seems to be, as the president puts it, a “witch hunt” against conservatives.

Rush was quick to point out the charges against people like Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen are coming from an investigation that was supposed to be looking into Russian collusion.

After almost two years, Mueller has yet to prove any collusion, yet Trump allies are being picked off one by one.

Nobody is asking for special treatment here — just a level playing field.

The crimes of Hillary and Bill Clinton are far worse than anything Cohen or Manafort have done.

Yet, it is those two individuals who will live their immediate future behind bars while Hillary continues to take the pulpit for her fellow corrupt Democrats.

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Mueller continues to, in essence, hold conservatives hostage.

This investigation should have been wrapped up months ago, but it is all but a given that Mueller will hold off making any announcement until it has the most negative impact on November’s midterm elections.

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