Rush Limbaugh: Trump is speaking ‘absolute truth’ about Baltimore

Democrat-run American cities are, more often than not, disgraceful dumps. Baltimore is an especially egregious example. Democrats have been in control for years, and the city is a dirty and dangerous mess.

Rush Limbaugh spoke with “Fox and Friends” Monday to support Donald Trump’s decision to call out Rep. Elijah Cummings about the tragic state of Baltimore. 

Time to call them out

The politicians responsible for running these cities need to be fired. Why do politicians spend 30 years in office and do nothing for the people they represent? As Limbaugh says, it has been too long.

Breitbart reports: “Monday on Fox & Friends, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh sounded off on President Donald Trump’s remarks about Baltimore. Limbaugh defended the president for speaking the ‘absolute truth’ about a city ruined under Democrat control.”

“Wherever you find this decadent decay, you’re going to find Democrats having run the operation … for decades,” Limbaugh went on to say.

These cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles are all Democrat-run.

Instead of owning up to the fact that their cities are a mess, Democrats desperately attempt to distract from the real problem. Their go-to move is to fling accusations of racism.

Playing the race card

The public eye has shifted to Baltimore, and now to avoid talking about problems, Democrats want to play the race card. But of course, it isn’t racist to criticize representatives for the state of their districts.

“There’s certain things you’re not supposed to say. You’re not supposed to criticize anything the Democrats run. You’re not supposed criticize anything where minorities are involved because that’s automatically labeled racist, but I’m going to tell you something right up front: the president’s not a racist,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh isn’t the only one who feels that way. “Alveda King, the niece of iconic Civil Rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., told Fox News on Tuesday that claims by Democrats, pundits and activists that President Donald Trump is a racist are inaccurate,” Newsweek reports.

Don’t let Democrats distract from the problem. They cannot run their cities, and they are unfit to represent their suffering districts. Trump is doing good work to improve this country, and part of that means exposing incompetent politicians who are sucking the country dry.

Watch Rush on “Fox and Friends” below:

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