House Ethics Committee Finds Luis Gutierrez and Bobby Rush Violated Ethics Laws

More political corruption in the Democrat party has been uncovered.

Representatives Luis Gutierrez and Bobby Rush were found to have violated ethics laws, but the Ethics Committee did not exactly throw the book at them.

Rep. Bobby Rush

Rush was occupying office space for more than two years without actually paying rent.

This was a violation of the House gift rule.

Now, he must repay $14,600, but the kicker here is the repayment can actually be recovered through his campaign.

Since the office was used for political reasons, he is permitted reimbursement, so he is really not being punished at all by the committee for this violation.

His only inconvenience is the time it will take him to move money from one pocket to the other.

As this decision was being handed down, it had also been announced that Rush was going to be penalized 15 percent of his salary for a defaulted loan.

The loan in question was made in the amount of more than $1 million for a church he started in Chicago.

By my math, those funds will never be fully recovered, which once again proves how Washington takes care of its own.

Considering our government holds back entire paychecks of its military when they are mistakenly overpaid, this is ludicrous and insulting to the people of this country.

Rep. Luiz Gutierrez

Gutierrez got his 15 minutes over immigration and Puerto Rico relief efforts.

He has been adamantly against Trump from day one and advocates letting undocumented immigrants run rampant in our country.

However, he also has a few skeletons in his closet.

The Ethics Committee found Gutierrez was paying a personal consultant as a staffer.

In all, Gutierrez will have to repay the $9,700 Doug Scofield received “in error” during this time.

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Our elected representatives continue to blatantly abuse their power and a committee of their own constantly allow them to get away with it.

If We the People do not continue the quest to drain the DC Swamp in upcoming elections, sadly, this abuse will continue and these corrupt politicians will continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

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