Rush Limbaugh: Democrat party is committing suicide

While it may seem like Democrats are turning President Donald Trump’s world upside down, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh sees it a completely different way.

During a recent radio show, Limbaugh stated, “Essentially, what we’re watching is the Democrat Party commit suicide.”

Listen to This…

From Limbaugh’s perspective, Democrats are finally revealing how extreme the party has become in recent years. Americans are noticing it and even lifelong Democrats are worried about the direction of the party.

Limbaugh used former Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz’s announcement of his possible candidacy as an example. When Schultz, a lifelong Democrat, announced his intention to explore a 2020 presidential campaign, the party went after him with both barrels when he said he would take a more centrist approach to a presidency if he were elected.

To that point, he said he would run as an independent rather than affiliate with any one party.

Schultz was stunned when people whose campaigns he contributed to and the party he had supported his entire life came after him so viciously. The attacks were so bad, in fact, Schultz is believed to be reconsidering running.

Extremism Hurting the Party

When we look at the top candidates from the Democrat party that have announced so far, they all have extremist approaches to governing.

Sen. Cory Booker, who is the most recent to announce, is about as extreme as they come. While accomplishing virtually nothing while in office, he has made it a point to get in front of the cameras and make the most ludicrous accusations against Trump.

Sen. Kamala Harris, who probably has the best chance of any of them, has a purely socialist agenda that will ruin this country, as does Sen. Bernie Sanders.

And Virginia Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam’s horrifying “infanticide” comments — which the media doesn’t want you to remember — reveal the true nature of the “reproductive healthcare rights” movement.

To Rush’s point, all Trump has to do is tell the truth about the party during his campaign and force whatever candidate goes against him to tell the truth about their radical stances on abortion, socialized healthcare, wealth taxes, etc.

When Americans learn the truth, there is little doubt today’s Democrat party will go up in flames.

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