Rush Limbaugh calls out media, NBA for supporting communist China

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh just stunned millions of listeners to his nationally-syndicated talk show when he made a shocking but incredibly accurate statement about the National Basketball Association and the state of our modern political climate as a whole.

Limbaugh blasted the NBA, Democrats, and the media for their support of the abusive communist regime in China and its efforts to suppress the Hong Kong freedom protestors.

“They are sidling up to the most repressive anti-free speech, anti-freedom regime you can find on the planet today! Communist China! Over one tweet by a general manager for the Houston Rockets supporting Hong Kong freedom fighters!” Limbaugh said Thursday.

Totalitarian Apologists

The NBA has shown themselves to be apologists for a regime that abuses human rights and crushes freedom. Protestors in Hong Kong face serious danger from the communist mainland government in China, and the NBA is complicit in it.

The controversy started when the General Manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted out his support for the Hong Kong protestors. Shockingly, he was quickly shut down by the NBA and forced to apologize.

Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors, went as far as to justify China’s actions. In a press conference, he alluded to American mass shootings as to why he doesn’t ask questions about Chinese human rights violations.

Limbaugh went on to blast the NBA and the media, saying “Remember when the one guy stood up in front of the tank at Tiananmen Square, remember everybody stood up and loved that guy? This would be the equivalent if the NBA said, ‘Put that guy in jail!'”

“If the NBA and the Democrat Party and the media said, ‘Run him over! Run over that guy. He’s insulting our brethren in the Chinese communist government.’ That’s the equivalent,” Limbaugh added.

Driven by Dollars

The NBA is terrified of offending China — and the tweet in support of Hong Kong by the Rockets GM already did a huge amount of damage as the official Chinese broadcasting agency has blacklisted the NBA.

And it’s all about money. The NBA has been pursuing the lucrative Chinese market for years now. They are willing to throw the people of Hong Kong under a bus because of the money that China will bring them.

It’s disgraceful. The NBA and anyone complicit should be shamed and called out.

People in Hong Kong are being beaten in the street by riot police while they protest for their basic freedoms. All while, the billionaires and millionaires of the NBA endorse the destruction of their freedom. Shame on the NBA, shame on Steve Kerr, and shame on anyone who will bow to a dictatorship for money. This cowardice must not be ignored.

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