Anti-Trump rumors go viral following Trump visit to golf club in Virginia

Many anti-Trump Democrats and media pundits have convinced themselves that former President Donald Trump is on the verge of being arrested, indicted, and prosecuted by the Justice Department following the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida in August.

Thus, when Trump was spotted arriving in the Washington D.C. area on Sunday evening, many of those Trump-haters latched onto and ran with rumors that the moment they’d been waiting for had finally arrived and Trump was about to face the music for his alleged criminal misdeeds, the Washington Examiner reported.

As it turned out, though, the former president was simply in the area to visit his own club in Northern Virginia and play golf with some friends and acquaintances.

Speculation swirls over unexpected Trump arrival in D.C. area

The frantic rumors about Trump’s potentially impending demise at the hands of President Joe Biden’s DOJ were kicked off Sunday evening after a video was posted by an independent journalist who, following a tip from a spotter, posted up outside Dulles International Airport and obtained footage of Trump arriving in a small private jet.

That video showed Trump wearing what appeared to be the traditional outfit he usually donned while golfing — golf shoes, dark slacks, a white polo shirt, and red ballcap — before he got into a motorcade replete with local police escorts and Secret Service agents.

The journalist didn’t know for sure exactly where Trump’s motorcade ultimately went but did note that it had taken an exit off the interstate that would have it headed toward his golf club in Northern Virginia.

Trump went golfing at his own club on the Potomac River

The mystery of Trump’s visit to the Washington D.C. area, notwithstanding the many fevered rumors, was cleared up by Trump himself on Monday with a post to his Truth Social account that said, “Working today at [Trump National Golf Club] on the Potomac River. What an incredible place!”

Photos of Trump and others on the golf course also soon emerged and spread on social media, but that didn’t stop some of the more committed Trump-haters from continuing to speculate wildly that, rather than simply enjoy a round of golf with friends at his club, the former president was up to no good.

Only Trump knows exactly what he was doing

All of the wild and nonsensical speculations aside, the Examiner noted that there were no real additional details to share with regard to Trump’s visit to the Washington D.C. area, nor was there any evidence whatsoever that he was set to appear in court or meet with government officials or be indicted and arrested on criminal charges.

What was known is that this was Trump’s first known visit to the area since at least two months ago when, for the first time since leaving office, Trump had returned to attend and speak at the America First Policy Institute’s summit in July.

Meanwhile, obvious threats of political persecution aside, Trump is likely making preparations not to turn himself in to Biden’s DOJ but rather to finalize efforts ahead of an anticipated announcement in the coming months about a 2024 run for the White House to reclaim the presidency that he continues to assert was stolen from him in 2020.

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