Rumors swirl Trump will dump VP Mike Pence for daughter Ivanka

With Robert Mueller’s testimony looming and continued cries for impeachment, rumors are starting to fly about a contingency plan in place by President Donald Trump.

Conspiracy theorists believe Trump may drop Pence from the ticket and add his daughter, Ivanka, just in case he gets impeached.

The Theory

These theories started to fly around the moment Trump declined to endorse Mike Pence for 2024. The question put to Trump was a ridiculous one because nobody even knows if Pence will run for president in 2024.

Regardless, Trump detractors started spinning different theories as to when Trump would inevitably dump Pence for a new VP.

A recent article by A.B. Stoddard of Real Clear Politics puts forth the possibility of Ivanka Trump being handed the position by her father.

One reason Stoddard believes this will happen is for Ivanka to pardon her father if he is impeached or convicted of any crimes.

Stoddard uses Trump’s recent trip abroad and the presence of Ivanka to make the case, but this is nothing more than conspiracy theory gone wild. Trump has already stated Pence has been there through thick and thin and he is his guy for 2020 no matter what.

Playing Devil’s Advocate

If Trump were going to replace Pence, it is highly unlikely he would choose his own daughter as a running mate. That is something right off of the script of House of Cards.

The obvious choice for Trump, if he was going to choose a woman as his running mate, would be Nikki Haley. The former diplomat has been tagged by many as a possible GOP candidate for 2024.

She has significant political experience, including most recently serving as the U.N. ambassador for the Trump administration.

Rest assured, though, when election day 2020 arrives, it will be a Trump/Pence ticket. Pence still has significant influence in the evangelical community, which is vital to Trump’s campaign.

Additionally, considering that Pete Buttigieg may end up on the Democrat ticket, Pence’s Indiana support will still be needed in the upcoming election, something Ivanka does not offer.

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