Rumors swirl that John Bolton is on the way out

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton and President Trump have never really clicked, but is the latest snub of Bolton at the hands of Trump a sign of yet another imminent departure from the White House?

According to recent mainstream media reports from outlets like MSNBC, it is starting to look more and more like John Bolton could be the next internal casualty of this administration.

Recent Snubbing Spells Trouble

The Washington Post recently reported that Bolton was excluded from attending a meeting regarding Afghanistan.

According to the report, the meeting’s purpose was to discuss the future of Afghanistan — a meeting a top security advisor would obviously be required to attend — however, Bolton’s name was not on the original meeting list.

Some experts believe that since Bolton and Trump have different views on our involvement in the Middle East, Bolton was purposely kept out of the meeting.

Prior to that meeting, there was another notable snub of Bolton. When Trump traveled to the Korean Peninsula and met with Kim Jong-un, Bolton was also missing from the roster. Again, this was not a mistake, but a purposeful omission by the administration.

Paid to do Nothing

If Bolton is not in on these discussions, it is reasonable to assume that many of his job duties have been stripped from him. If that is the case, he is merely sitting in his office picking up a check for doing nothing of substance.

The atmosphere between the President and Bolton has reportedly become so tense, Bolton was even refused his request to see the peace agreement being negotiated with the Taliban.

Many in the media were critical of Bolton being tapped for this position in the first place, but the ostracizing being done by the administration has everyone scratching their collective heads at this point.

Are these just issues that Trump wants to handle on his own or is he just biding his time before he can cut ties with Bolton?

Clearly, the White House cannot have another top cabinet position vacated right now, as the Democrats are already hammering Trump for not having a number of key posts permanently filled.

While the situation is not nearly as bad as it was in the closing days of Jeff Sessions’ tenure as attorney general, clearly, Bolton’s days appear to be numbered.

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