Rumors swirl after Obama sighted with black eye and bandaged fingers

August 1, 2023
Jen Krausz

Rumors swirled after former President Barack Obama was seen in public for the first time since the family's personal chef Tafari Campbell drowned in a paddleboarding accident, golfing with what looked like a black eye and bandaged fingers. 

Campbell, 45, reportedly disappeared in the water of Edgartown Great Pond near the Obama family compound on the evening of July 23, according to a 911 call from someone who was paddleboarding with him at the time, but has not been identified.

He was found dead in eight feet of water 12 hours later. An autopsy did not show any head injury or other injury that could have caused him to be weakened enough to drown.

The death has been ruled "not suspicious" even though Campbell was a strong swimmer who should have been able to get back on his paddleboard after falling off. He was reportedly not tethered to the board when he was found.

The rumors

The unexplained circumstances of Campbell's death and Obama's injuries have led to rumors that Obama's 22-year-old daughter might have been involved with Campbell, who was married and had two children.

Pat Gray speculated as much on his radio show on The Blaze, and his producer Kris Cruz put forth her own theory.

“Maybe [she] got knocked up,” Cruz said, adding that she was seen looking "very sad" over the weekend.

Both of Obama's daughters flew to Los Angeles after Campbell was found dead, even though Campbell was "like a member of the family" after working for the Obamas in the White House and as their personal chef for 14 years.

Why would they leave town rather than stay with the family where they could receive comfort during the difficult time?

More speculation

Obama's injuries are adding to the speculation, even though there is no evidence that Obama had anything to do with Campbell's death.

He was on the island at the time, but reportedly on a different part of the island.

It really makes no sense to that narrative that Obama has injuries as if he got into a fight, but Campbell did not have any injuries consistent with being hit by anyone.

But it is a very mysterious situation, which always makes people wonder what actually happened and come up with their own ideas about it.

In this case, it's pretty clear that Obama didn't beat up Campbell and wasn't involved in his death, but a lot of the details don't make a whole lot of sense, which may mean some kind of cover up.

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