Rudy Giuliani says Trump’s lawyers are ready to counter a negative Mueller report

If Robert Mueller wants to sit down with President Donald Trump, he better make it happen soon.

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s lead counsel, said Trump will not sit down with Mueller after Sept. 1, and they are ready to counter any negative report issued by Mueller.

Offer on the Table

According to Giuliani, the president is willing to sit down with Mueller under limited conditions.

However, the president wants to avoid any meetings taking place after Sept. 1, so as to not interfere with November’s midterms.

The offer on the table for Mueller is for Trump to sit down with him to discuss inquiries about collusion with Russia during the 2016 elections.

Trump, however, is not willing to discuss matters related to obstruction of justice after he took office.

President Trump’s attorneys believe discussing that matter could lead to perjury accusations.

“I think we made the offer we can live with,” Guiliani said.

Counter Report

Giuliani appears to be ready to counter any negative comments made by Mueller regarding the president’s stance.

“A negative report gets it over with,” Guiliani said. “We can answer it with, I think, a better report from us, and then we get to wait and see what happens in Congress.”

The Trump legal team is already preparing a report to counter-allegations that have been made by several parties, including former FBI Director James Comey.

One of the key points of that report appears to be the interactions between Michael Flynn and Donald Trump regarding Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador.

This is also why Trump does not want to discuss this matter specifically with Mueller.

If the Mueller report states that Trump did have contact with the ambassador, and Trump maintains he did not have contact, he would be open to perjury charges based on that report.

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Then, if Democrats win the midterm elections and have control of the Senate, House, or both, they may pursue impeachment charges against the president.

Therefore, it behooves the president to wait until Mueller publishes an official report so he knows where he stands.

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