Rubber bullets fired as migrant caravan rushes border wall

Now that the infamous migrant caravan has reached the U.S. border, things are starting to ramp up in terms of violence.

It did not take long for those who the Dems are calling “people looking for a better life” to show their true colors and start assaulting border patrol agents. Appropriately, they were met by rubber bullets and tear gas by border patrol agents.

Not So Peaceful

According to Democrats, these migrants are all good people who are only looking for a better life.

The pictures we have seen from reporters on the ground tell a much different story, though.

Migrants are hiding women and children among their mob as they try to penetrate border fences.

Even worse, they are taking it upon themselves to attack border patrol agents as they work to defend the U.S. border from those trying to get into the country illegally. Take a look at some apparent witness footage:

Shut It Down

The situation has gotten so bad at the border that authorities were forced to shut down the local entry point altogether to get the problem with the caravan under control.

This meant people entering the country legally were inconvenienced by these criminals trying to flood our country.

From day one, President Donald Trump has been adamant that these individuals will not get into this country and has authorized the use of force to prevent it from happening.

While our president tries to defend our borders, Democrats are roasting him for shutting them out.

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They seem to forget the speeches given by the likes of Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton on this very subject when they were in office.

Amazing how things change when the other party is sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

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