Royal Palace provides Kate Middleton update

 March 2, 2024

Kensington Palace has released a statement to Page Six providing an update on Kate Middleton's condition, following her recent hospital stay. 

The reader may remember that Middleton had abdominal surgery in January. No details, however, about why the surgery was needed have been provided, which has led to widespread speculation - and even conspiracy theories - about what could be wrong with Middleton.

The speculation was intensified this week when Middleton's husband, Prince William, decided to skip a memorial service. There will be more on this in a moment.

It is clear, however, that, with its statement to Page Six, the Royal Palace is hoping to cut back on some of the speculation surrounding Middleton.

Middleton is "doing well"

In its statement to Page Six, Kensington Palace, the home of the Royal Family, insisted that the 42-year-old Middleton is "doing well," with regard to her recovery from her abdominal surgery.

The Palace, however, refused to say much more than this.

This is because the Palace said that it would only be providing "significant updates" on Middleton's condition, and, thus far, there, apparently, are no "significant updates" to provide.

"Kensington Palace made it clear in January the timelines of the princess’ recovery and we’d only be providing significant updates. That guidance stands," the Palace told Page Six.

Chances are that this statement is probably not going to do a whole lot to cut back on those Kate Middleton conspiracy theories that are going around.

Prince William's recent absence

This past week, Prince William decided to skip one of his royal engagements.

ABC News reports, "William was scheduled to attend a service of Thanksgiving for King Constantine of Greece at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, but was forced to drop out of the ceremony Tuesday."

The big question is "Why?" The Palace provided this statement: "Unfortunately, The Prince of Wales is no longer able to attend the King Constantine Memorial Service this morning due to a personal matter."

ABC News was able to confirm that "the personal matter was not related to his father King Charles III's health." The king, of course, has been diagnosed with cancer, and it was reasonable to assume that this could have had something to do with William's absence.

But, now with the king's health issues being ruled out, many are wondering whether William's absence has to do with his wife's health problems. At this time, we simply do not know the answer to this question.

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