No major financial support materializes for Roy Moore’s Senate bid

Roy Moore recently announced he was going to make another bid for the Alabama Senate seat he tried to win after Jeff Sessions took the position of attorney general.

After having raised just under $17,000, though, it would seem Moore’s campaign is collapsing before it really even started.

Pales in Comparison

Moore, if he continues to move forward, will be fighting off five other Republicans. Among them all, he is last in fundraising.

The most popular of all the candidates, at least in terms of fundraising, is former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville, who has raised more than $420,000.

Next up is current Congressman Bradley Byrne, who has more than $321,000 in his war chest. Arnold Mooney, who is currently serving as a State Senator, has raised just over $298,000,

Secretary of State John Merrill has raised more than $217,000 so far. At the bottom of the field, save Moore, is a former TV host, Stanley Adair. Even with no political experience to speak of, Adair has raised more than $134,000 for this campaign.

Whoever comes out of the fray for Republicans will be facing off against current Alabama Senator Doug Jones, who has almost $2 million in his war chest so far this year.

Why No Support?

Moore seemed to be a shoo-in for the seat when he faced off against Senator Jones in the special runoff election until allegations were tossed around about Moore.

In the days leading up the election to fill the seat for Sessions, Moore was accused of having inappropriate relations with underage girls more than three decades ago.

While there was technically never any solid proof, most people believe that Moore was guilty of the allegations being made.

When it came time for people to cast their vote, Moore got crushed by Jones in the election. Those accusations are obviously still hanging over his head, and the lack of fundraising success proves it.

Moore simply needs to get the message that Republican voters want nothing to do with him.

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