Rosie O’Donnell says Joe Biden ‘too old’ to run for president

Potential 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden just got snubbed by one of the loudest liberals in Hollywood.

Rosie O’Donnell, a former panelist on “The View,” declared that Biden is “too old” to run for president.

Age Discrimination

O’Donnell tweeted out her opinion to her more than one million followers, writing, “Joe Biden is too old to run for president. Period.”

She even created a new hashtag for the former vice president: #NO2JOE.

Rosie was not alone in encouraging Biden to not run again. Another notable liberal trying to persuade Biden from running was Ken Olin.

Olin serves as the executive producer for “This Is Us” on NBC. His tweet read, “…Frankly, I think he’s too old. He is not the same man he was ten years ago. Say no, Joe.”

The New Democrat Party

Nobody on the conservative side wants Biden in office either, of course. However, liberal as he is, he is more centrist than anyone else on the primary ticket so far. Most, if not all, of the current candidates are leaning towards socialist policies.

Bernie Sanders popularized the movement in 2016 and the popularity of party members like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has actually made many elemets of the socialist platform mandatory for anyone that wants the support of these new Democrats.

What most in the party are missing, though, is the influence of the older Democrats in the party. Most polls actually have Biden as the favorite Democrat candidate among voters, even though he has not actually announced his candidacy.

That should tell leadership in the party that more extreme candidates like Sanders and Harris are not as appealing to the older generation of voters.

Democrats have to be very careful of every move they make going into this election because a misstep could cost them everything.

AOC’s Green New Deal took a few chips out of the foundation and Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic comments have done some damage as well. If the Democrats want to actually win in 2020, they’re going to have to get it together soon.

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