Rosie O’Donnell, Broadway stars, protest and sing outside White House

Of all of the Hollywood stars and big celebrities that have aligned themselves against President Donald Trump, Rosie O’Donnell is one of the more vociferously outspoken, likely owing to a years-long feud between the two that dates back prior to Trump’s foray into the political world.

O’Donnell is one of those Trump-hating liberals that has fully bought in to the unproven Trump/Russia collusion narrative, and now she has been joined by a number of Broadway stars as she takes her deranged views on the road to go protest against Trump from outside the White House.

According to ABC News, O’Donnell and her friends from Broadway came together Monday night in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House in Washington, D.C., to sing songs and express their opposition to making America great again.

Kremlin Annex

O’Donnell and friends were taking part in what has been an ongoing protest in the park near the White House — or #KremlinAnnex, as the protestors are calling it — ever since Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16.

“Where we are as a nation, we have now till November to see whether or not democracy is going to survive,” stated O’Donnell prior to the start of the protest. “I think we all need to (do) everything we can right up to election day.”

“Hopefully, we’ll take back the House and maybe the Senate and end this administration and the travesty and all the injustices that it has laid upon the United States, ruining our reputation and our efforts,” she added.

O’Donnell and Broadway star Seth Rudetsky helped organize Monday’s event which included about 60 other current and former Broadway stars packed into a bus for the trip from New York City to the nation’s capitol.

“We’re the majority and we’re not going to stop until you go back to the American values that we all value,” stated Rudetsky. “We’re just going to keep coming. We’re Broadway singers. We’re used to doing eight shows a week, we don’t lip sync, we’re not going to get tired. We want this country to stay the way it’s always been with wonderful, giving American values.”

Music as a weapon

The event itself involved the participants holding up letters that spelled “treason” and “liar” as well as singing Broadway tunes that had been specially selected for holding some sort of subversive anti-Trump meaning.

Rudetsky explained that the selection of songs were intended to “wake up the country” and symbolized how Americans should “keep working towards the good and the bad will go away.”

“He’s the worst thing that ever happened to this country by far,” proclaimed O’Donnell. “I hope that America can heal together and we could forgive those who fell for his lies and his conspiracies and we’ll be able to come together as one, again. That’s my real hope. There’s going to be so much work that has to be done once we get rid of him and getting rid of him is the first priority.”

Target audience not in attendance

There was just one minor problem that threw a kink in the protest plans of O’Donnell and her Broadway comrades … their targeted audience was not in attendance for their “off-Broadway show,” as Trump is away from D.C. for the week.

New Jersey Advance Media reported that the president is spending the week at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, while parts of the White House undergo renovations.

Despite being out of the White House, the president is at best taking part in a “working” vacation, as he has meetings scheduled all week to include cabinet officials and Senate leaders on Monday, as well as dinners with business leaders and his supporters later on later days, all part of his ongoing effort to Make America Great Again, no matter how many songs O’Donnell and her friends sing.

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