GOP Rep. Rosendale suspects liberal justices know who SCOTUS leaker is

On May 2, a draft opinion from the Supreme Court was leaked to the media that appeared to reveal that the court’s majority was about to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade precedent on abortion and revert the right to regulate such procedures back to the individual states.

There has been much speculation about who was behind the unprecedented leak — the consensus being that it was most likely a clerk — but one Republican congressman suspects that the Democrat-appointed justices on the court know the actual identity of the leaker, the Conservative Brief reported.

Liberal justices probably know who the leaker is

In mid-May, Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) made his assertion about who he believed might know the identity of the leaker during an appearance on Newsmax‘s “Wake Up America” program.

“We all could probably agree that the justices that were appointed by Democrat presidents know who the leaker was,” Rosendale said.

“What bothers me, it’s not only the undermining that it did of the institution and the trust factor that these folks have with each other,” the Montana Republican continued and noted that now that the trust had been broken, “it’s very difficult to restore it.”

He also took note of a reported internal investigation to discover the leaker and, in addition to not ruling out the justices themselves as potential culprits, expressed hope that it wouldn’t take “six years” to uncover the truth as it had with the sources of the anti-Trump “Russiagate” nonsense that began in 2016 and is only now being fully revealed.

Probe to find leaker heats up

In the immediate aftermath of the unprecedented leak, Chief Justice John Roberts issued a statement in which he thoroughly denounced the “betrayal” of the leaker and announced an investigation to determine the source that would be led by the Marshal of the Court.

Nearly one month later, CNN reported on the progress of that internal investigation — at least according to information gleaned from three anonymous sources described as having “knowledge of the efforts” to identify the leaker.

Part of that effort reportedly included “taking steps to” compel law clerks to turn over the cell phones to investigators and sign sworn affidavits — moves that were said to have “alarmed” some of the clerks and prompted them to seek outside legal counsel to represent them.

Of course, while the collective of law clerks — each justice has four clerks — appears to be the pool within which the primary suspect will be found, CNN noted that investigators are also likely looking at other staffers and employees of the institution itself who may have been the source of the highly unethical, if not actually criminal, leak of the draft opinion.

Rampant distrust amid an ongoing investigation

And just last week, NPR seemed to confirm CNN’s reporting that the search for the SCOTUS leaker had been ratcheted up to the point where one unnamed source said the place was “imploding” amid rampant distrust between justices, clerks, and staffers.

It still remains unknown to all but perhaps a select few individuals who the actual leaker was, but, hopefully, that person will eventually be identified and held accountable in a manner that explicitly discourages future breaches of the court’s integrity as an institution.

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