Roseanne Barr says her character on ‘Roseanne’ will be killed by opioid overdose

Well, we finally know how ABC plans on killing off Roseanne Barr.

During a recent interview, Barr informed her fans her character would die via an opioid overdose.

Pieces in Place

One cannot help but think ABC executives had this move in place when they were writing the show last season.

Barr’s character on the show had developed a painkiller addiction as the season wound up.

At that point, Barr was already more than vocal about her support for Trump.

When Barr sent the tweet out about Valerie Jarrett, the network had all the reason it needed to get her off the show.

Barr was interviewing with Brandon Straka when she broke the news to fans.

“Oh yeah, they killed her. They have her die of an opioid overdose,” Barr stated.

Not So Funny Comedy

Sitcoms will sometimes approach dark subjects for a change of pace, but this is treading into new waters for ABC.

Now, the network plans on starting off the season with a death on a topic that is a hotbed issue in this nation … opioid abuse.

John Goodman, who plays Roseanne’s husband in the series, has already told reporters he will be pretty mopey on the set, as he will be mourning the loss of his wife.

With Barr gone, the network was forced to change the name of the show to “The Connors.”

Goodman said he reached out to Barr after the news broke, but he had not heard back from her.

He also stood up for his former co-star and the woman that more or less started his career.

Goodman stated he knew for a fact Barr is not a racist.

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He further stated while he felt badly for her, he was glad she agreed to let the show go on without her character.

And he wonders why she never called him back…

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