Roseanne suspects she was fired for political reasons

Almost two months since her rapid downfall as the star of primetime television’s most popular show, actress and comedian Roseanne Barr sat down for her first televised interview with conservative host Sean Hannity. The 65-year-old former “Roseanne” star left nothing on the table, discussing the controversial tweet that ruined her career and her loyalty to President Donald Trump.

Breaking her silence

Barr lost her job on May 31 for tweeting: “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj,” a reference to Valerie Jarrett, the African American senior advisor to President Barack Obama who helped author a controversial nuclear deal that allows Iran to legitimately obtain nuclear weapons in 2025.

Barr maintains that her now-infamous tweet was never meant to be construed as a racist attack. “That is a tweet about asking for accountability from the previous administration about the Iran deal, which Valerie Jarrett is the author of, and that was what was in my head,” she told Hannity.

Watch Roseanne’s explanation and her complete interview below:

In defense of Zion

Ms. Barr pointed to her status as a Jew to justify the passion that the Iranian regime awakens in her. In 2014, while the Obama administration and Jarrett were engineering the nuclear deal with Iran, the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei published a 9-point plan for the destruction of Israel.

“I will always defend Israel. I’m a Jew and I also have family that lives there,” Barr said.

The sitcom queen admitted that she was surprised to learn that her tweet carried racial connotations. “The first thing [I felt] was shock that they were saying it was racial … That was a hard one to take,” she said.

After two decades of relative anonymity, Barr realizes that a bad joke “cost her everything. The return of her highly anticipated sitcom grossed 25 million viewers in its first episode, surpassing the ratings for any other television show in nearly four years.

Despite bringing in an estimated $45 million in advertising revenue during its partial-season run, and with $60 million estimated for the show’s second season, Disney and ABC executives didn’t hesitate to pull the plug. Hours later, the network had scrubbed any mention or rebroadcasts of the show from its own website and Hulu, before replacing the “Roseanne” timeslot with reruns of “The Middle.”

“Teachable moment”

Barr’s tone was noticeably subdued compared to explanations she previously provided to fans in a pair of Youtube videos. “I thought the b**** was white!” Barr shouted. “God dammit! I thought the b**** was white! F***!” she shouted at the camera while smoking a cigarette.

The next day, Barr posted a second video explaining that her firing was politically motivated. “I voted for Donald Trump, and that is not allowed in Hollywood,” she told supporters.

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Concluding her Fox News interview, Barr said that she wanted to turn her swift rise and fall into a “teachable moment” for Americans. Responding to the comedian’s tweet just after the controversy erupted, Ms. Jarrett asked for the exact same outcome.

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