Roseanne Barr announces plans to study in Israel during launch of ABC spinoff series ‘The Connors’

Roseanne Barr won’t be in the States when ABC’s Roseanne spin-off premieres.

The sitcom star said she’s going to move to Israel to study with rabbis when The Connors airs in October without the show’s real star. 

Barr told Rabbi Shumley Boteach on his Sunday podcast that she wants keep her distance from the rip-off show and that she will not “curse…or bless” it by watching it.

Roseanne moving to Israel as spin-off airs

“I have an opportunity to go to Israel for a few months and study with my favorite teachers over there, and that’s where I’m going to go and probably move somewhere there and study with my favorite teachers,” she told Shmuley. “I have saved a few pennies and I’m so lucky I can go.”

Barr has no plans to watch the spin-off, which comes after the re-boot of Roseanne, featuring the eponymous character, was canceled in May after Barr posted a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, a former senior adviser President Barack Obama. She said that she was hurt by the show’s cancellation, which felt like “the death of a character I created,” but said she is “remaining neutral.”

“I’m staying away from it. Not wishing bad on anyone and I don’t wish good for my enemies,” she said. “That’s what I gotta do… I have some mental health issues of depression and stuff. I got to stay in the middle or I’ll go dark and I don’t want to go dark again. I’ve done it — after all, I was married to Tom Arnold. Ha! Ha!”

Barr has apologized to Jarrett, who she has said she did not know was black. She has also said she was on Ambien when she made the tweet, and that she thinks she lost the show because she supports Trump, who she called a “friend” and said has done “some great things” although “some things he needs to fix up a little.”

The Connors debuts Oct. 16 with returning cast members John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Michael Fishman, and Lecy Goranson. Goodman confirmed recently that Barr’s character will be killed off in the show’s story-line.

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Roseanne working on new show

Barr told Shmuley that she may have made a mistake by apologizing to the left after her tweet, since they “never forgive, they just try to beat you down until you don’t exist.”

“That’s how they do things. They don’t accept apologies,” she added.

Barr also quipped that she’s leaving California since it’s “going to fall into the sea soon” and talked about a new sitcom that she is working on. She said she is “very excited” and that it was “very funny,” but gave no further details.

She also mentioned plans of launching a music career, which brought her to Nashville recently to “cut a record.”

Good for Roseanne. She’s under no obligation to patronize a network ripping off her creation.

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