Wayne Allyn Root: Deep State ‘fix is in’ with Chief Justice John Roberts

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has received plenty of blowback after he joined with the liberal justices on the court to rule 5-4 against allowing the Trump administration to include a basic question on citizenship on the upcoming 2020 census.

One of those highly critical of Robert’s astonishing ruling is conservative-leaning columnist and talk radio host Wayne Allyn Root, who is now openly wondering if the so-called Deep State has dirt on Roberts that is influencing his conduct on the bench.

Census concerns

In an op-ed for the Gateway Pundit, Root laid the groundwork to support his theory that the “fix is in” with regard to the chief justice and that Roberts is a creature of the Washington, D.C. swamp who remains loyal, for one reason or another, to the rest of the Deep State that still holds substantial political power.

First, consider the ramifications of the ruling to keep the citizenship inquiries off of the census. There will be no clear way to know how many U.S. citizens, as opposed to illegal aliens, are residing in the various states and the country as a whole, which is highly consequential information in terms of delineating legislative districts, allocating federal funds and more.

States with large populations of illegal aliens within them — typically Democrat-controlled blue states — could be rewarded with more representation and federal funding than they would otherwise be entitled to receive if a true count of the actual citizenry were conducted.

Who wins?

Now consider who actually benefits from the true number of citizens and illegal aliens within the country remaining unknown. In Root’s view, such a situation represents a “scam” that benefits “Mexican Drug Cartels, drug traffickers, human traffickers, big government, the welfare state, the Democrat Party and government bureaucrats — staying in power, keeping their jobs.”

Root noted that Democrats have been dragging their feet in addressing the ongoing and long-standing crisis at the border, though the status quo was recently disrupted by President Trump’s tariff gambit with Mexico that has compelled cooperation from that nation — more than Democrats have provided — with regard to slowing the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S.

But Democrats still maintain a significant hold on the courts — and in Root’s opinion — may very well have Chief Justice Roberts in their pocket. Roberts’ deciding vote that somehow saved Obamacare by declaring it a “tax” — which would actually make it unconstitutional — was a prime example of Roberts’ Deep State affinity and swampiness and disproved the notion that he is a “constitutional conservative.”

Stacked deck

With regard to the recent citizenship question, Root wrote, “Roberts did the unimaginable again. He voted with liberals to remove a simple question on the census that even he declared was constitutional. A question asked by countries all over the world. More twisting like a pretzel to benefit the Deep State.”

“Roberts’ deciding vote effects trillions of dollars. Liberals argued asking the question would give advantage to white Americans and Republicans. But by voting to remove the citizenship question, Roberts now gives advantage to illegal aliens and Mexican Drug Cartels over law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens,” he continued.

“He gives advantage to blue states over red states for federal funding and future electoral votes. Trillions in money and power just changed hands,” Root added. “Roberts’ deciding vote makes big government bigger, the Democrat Party more powerful, rewards illegal aliens (ie criminals), and punishes American-born taxpayers (by raising taxes in the future to pay for open borders).”

Viewed from that perspective, it is difficult to argue against the idea that the “deck is stacked” and “fix is in” by some in positions of power — such as the chief justice of the Supreme Court — to protect the status quo and maintain a dangerous grip on political power.

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