Ron Paul on Dr. Fauci: ‘He should be fired’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top adviser on President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force, is seemingly at odds with the desires of his boss. The doctor has expressed his support for prolonged shutdowns, a decidedly gradual re-opening of society, and a plan that would have the government dictate who could and couldn’t return to work or be out in public.

The doctor’s advocacy of such government control has former presidential candidate and Republican Rep. Ron Paul (TX) suggesting that President Donald Trump should fire Fauci and remove him from his host of advisers, the Daily Caller reports.

“Total control over everybody”

Paul’s call for Fauci’s termination came on his own talk show on Thursday. Though the Republican acknowledged the unlikelihood of Fauci actually being dismissed, Paul suggested that the American people should at least stop investing so much trust in what the doctor has to say.

“He should be fired, but if you don’t do it in the literal sense, the people have to fire him,” Paul explained, according to the Daily Caller. “And they have to fire him by saying he’s a fraud.

“He doesn’t give us any good information,” Paul continued. “They didn’t save us from ourselves.”

Paul went on to say the move is “just an excuse” for the government to take “total control over everybody.”

“The plan that they have is when things are getting back to normal: people can return to their work, and they do things, and go to the golf course — if you get a stamp of approval,” the congressman explained, according to the Daily Caller. “Your liberties are there if you get a proper stamp from the government and they say, ‘Well, you’re free of spreading any disease.’

“But as this one goes away they’ll come up with another one,” he lamented. “It’s just an excuse to have total control over the people.”

If not fired, ignored

Paul concluded that the American people are caught in the middle of a tug of war of sorts between personal liberty and rampant government authoritarianism — and honestly, he isn’t entirely wrong in that assessment. Take a listen:

As Paul noted, it seems unlikely that President Trump will fire Dr. Fauci from his team of advisers, though it has become increasingly obvious that the two have decidedly different outlooks on how soon the coronavirus-related restrictions can be lifted.

When it comes to identifying and treating infectious diseases like COVID-19, Fauci seems to be wise and worth listening to. But his expertise doesn’t extend to areas like restarting a stalled economy — and his government-centric plans, at least according to Paul, just aren’t worth giving the time of day.

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