‘I’ll be serving this term’: Romney denies rumors he might serve in a Biden administration

Following some vague rumors that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden might tap Sen. Mitt Romney for a cabinet position in his prospective administration, the Utah Republican addressed the concept in a recent conference call with reporters.

The 2012 GOP presidential nominee shut down the speculation on Tuesday, insisting that he had not been approached by Biden’s team and did not expect to be, as reported by The Hill.

In any case, Romney said he would turn down such a position if it were ever offered to him.

“I have not been approached”

While it is unclear where the rumors originated, the longstanding animosity between Romney and President Donald Trump is a matter of public record.

Perhaps that background played a role in the proliferation of theories that Romney might serve in a possible Biden administration, he made his position clear while taking part in an online briefing with a number of reporters.

“I have not been approached, nor will I be approached,” he said, as reported by the Salt Lake Tribune. “And I’m not going to be part of the Biden administration.”

Romney said the speculation appears to have stemmed from a newspaper report from Buffalo, New York, that he was under consideration to serve as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services in a Biden cabinet.

“Maybe even another one”

In forecasting his plans for the future, Romney said: “I’ll be serving this [Senate] term and who knows, maybe even another one representing our great state.”

Elected to the Senate two years ago, the former Massachusetts governor will be up for re-election in 2024.

While he is dismissing any active role within a prospective Biden administration, he is one of a select few in his party who have openly congratulated the former vice president on a victory declared last week by the Democratic Party and many mainstream media outlets.

As NBC News reported, he offered up his statement via Twitter shortly after the race was tentatively called in Biden’s favor on Saturday.

Two days later, he told reporters that he believed the transition process should begin immediately, asserting: “It’s very much in our national interest, in our foreign policy interest, national security interest, to make sure that if there’s a new team that may become the leadership team, that they be given all access as quickly as possible.”

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