Roger Stone says he will campaign for President Donald Trump

On Friday, Roger Stone got the call he was hoping for when he was notified that President Donald Trump had commuted his sentence.

Stone now says he will actively campaign for Trump in the hopes of helping to secure a second term for the President.

Political fallout

The clemency order that was given by Trump to Stone was not without political fallout.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) led the charge, claiming this just proved how corrupt President Trump is.

While this was far from the first time a sitting president has granted clemency or pardoned a friend or ally, this is the first time the House Speaker has proposed legislation to limit the powers of a president for doing so.

When President Bill Clinton pardoned his own brother, there was not a peep, but everything is different for the Trump presidency.

Helping Trump

The commutation of Stone’s sentence is being applauded by some of Trump’s supporters as a welcome push back against the Mueller investigation and the D.C. establishment. However, the move could alienate some middle of the road voters that had yet to make a decision.

Regardless, Stone says he will now be hitting the campaign trail for Trump in the hopes of getting him a second term in the White House.

“I will do anything necessary to elect my candidate, short of breaking the law,” Stone told Axios in a phone interview.

Stone also announced that he will be writing a book to outline everything that happened to him during this ordeal.

He went on to say that while he believes this will be a tough race, ultimately, he believes Trump will prevail on election day.

“It’ll be a very tough fight,” Stone told Axios. “He’s got three obstacles: voter fraud … internet censorship, which I have just recently experienced myself; and, of course, the constant falsehoods being pushed by the corporate-owned mainstream media. Those all make it a difficult race.”

“But he is a great campaigner,” Stone added. “He’s a great communicator.”

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