Roger Stone predicts New York will bring criminal indictment against Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s longtime ally Roger Stone predicted that the former president would be indicted by New York investigators no matter the merit of their investigation, the Washington Examiner reported.

“I would be shocked if they did not come forward with a fabricated indictment for bank fraud or tax fraud against the former president by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance,” Stone said during an interview with Alex Jones on Friday.

New York Democrats launched an investigation into Trump’s business dealings in hopes that they will find something criminal or improper. It’s clear they are out to get him by any means necessary, and no matter how weak their case is, they will drag him into court.

Sham inquisition

Democrats launched their investigations not off the back of some discovery, but rather to make a discovery.

When Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. convened a grand jury, Trump lashed out, saying it was a “witch hunt.”

Stone himself has faced a litany of investigations and claims that Democrats are “weaponizing the Justice Department in violation of the rule of law.” Stone’s claims have particular weight considering how Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has yet to face a real investigation, despite a mountain of evidence of nefarious activity.

Stone went on to warn that this scheme by New York Democrats is a conspiracy to create a diversion from the Arizona election audit. That audit could uncover evidence that there was fraud in the 2020 election, and Democrats will need a story to distract from those findings.

Dragging Trump into court on sham charges that will ultimately fail will still do its job if Stone is correct. Democrats don’t need to convict Trump; they just need to create enough of a stir in the courtroom to distract Americans for a few months.

Democrats are desperate

The blatant partisan weaponization of the justice system by Democrats is something that should outrage all Americans. Americans can no longer trust authorities to be unbiased and objective in their investigations.

Democrats have been desperate to end Trump’s political power ever since he first took office four years ago. They failed twice in their attempts to impeach him, and those failures cost Democrats badly.

Now they have had to resort to using the criminal justice system to comb through every record and form that they can get their hands on.

New York Democrats are hoping to convict Trump for some tax or banking fraud, but the odds are against them. The best Democrats can expect from this situation is another story to distract from more important events.

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